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Explore the Risks and Rewards of Purchasing a Refurbished Computer

by Adeel
Refurbished desktop

Refurbished computers are computers that have been repaire or recertified by the manufacturer to be sold to consumers at a significantly lower price. In other words, it is a second-hand computer that has been certifie by the manufacturer to ensure that the quality of the product is not compromise. Refurbished computers are the best alternative for anyone who doesn’t want to spend unnecessary bucks on getting a computer. Purchasing a refurbished computer helps you save up to 50% of the computer’s original cost.

Most people assume that a second-hand and a refurbished computer are the same. But this is not true. A second-hand computer simply means a computer that has been previously use by someone else. It doesn’t have any manufacturer certification or warranty. But, in the case of refurbishment, a second-hand computer is first taken back to the manufacturer. They make sure that the product has maintained its quality and that there are no major faults, (as per their terms and conditions). After that, all of the necessary maintenance is performed, and any faulty parts are repaired. Then the product is sold to consumers.

If you are thinking of buying a refurbished desktop PC, then you are at the right place! Let’s take a look at some of the top risks and rewards of purchasing a refurbished computer instead of a brand-new one.

Advantages of Buying a Refurbished Computer

·        Budget-friendly prices

Budget is the top consideration behind every purchase. The first thing that we consider before making a purchase is our price range. There are so many amazing computers being launched in the industry, but budget restrictions make them unaffordable for most people. A refurbished desktop is no less than a blessing for all such people (including me). It offers all of the features that we have been eyeing within a cost-friendly range. For example, some refurbished computers are 50% less expensive than the original price of the same computer. Thereby, refurbs are the best solution for you to get your favourite computer without creating holes in your wallet.

·        Top-tier quality

Most people hesitate to buy refurbished desktop computers because they assume that a refurb will have low quality. But this is not true at all! Refurbed computers are offered to consumers after the manufacturers ensure that they are fit for use. All of the major to minor faults are repaired, and if any of the components show irreparable damages, they are exchange. The accompanying warranty provides free coverage against any unexpected issues or faults for the specific time period. For instance, the HP OMEN (RFB-1D3Z9EA#ABU) Tower Desktop PC offered by Laptop Outlet.co.uk comes with a 1-year warranty, which means that for a whole year you don’t need to worry about any maintenance or repair costs.

Other than this, as opposed to reconditioned products, a brand-new computer or laptop has not been put through rigorous testing. Store owners and retailers evaluate refurbished units comprehensively to ensure that they will function as well as “brand new” computers. Since they are mass produced, brand-new computers might contain flaws that went unnoticed by the manufacturer. On the other hand, IT professionals rigorously reassemble refurbished PCs. So, it is not wrong to say that a refurbished computer can turn out to have even better quality than a “brand new” computer.

·        Available in different operating systems

Sometimes, you are unable to select the operating system you want to use when purchasing a brand-new computer. The manufacturer preinstalls the OS, and if you want to swap it out, you must purchase a new OS. But this is not the case with refurbished computers. When you purchase refurbished laptops, you can use the OS with which you are most familiar. The consumer has the option to select among Windows 10, Windows 7, or Windows XP. This is similar to getting your favourite car modified as per your preferences. On a refurbished computer, you can customise the operating system, processor, GPU, and anything else you want. But this privilege is not available when purchasing a “brand new” computer.

·        Sustainability

Refurbished computers are highly sustainable. You support the environment by buying refurbished computers. How so? Imagine if all of these laptops were discarded because they failed the initial quality check or because a consumer had returned them and they could no longer be advertised as being “brand new.” That is definitely not environmentally friendly. But, by buying a reconditioned computer, you can not only stay highly sustainable but also save a lot of money.

Risks in purchasing a refurbished desktop

A refurbished computer is a highly recommended option for anyone who isn’t opposed to the idea of using a product that was previously owned by someone else. As someone who has purchased and used refurbished computers multiple times, I am assured that there are no major risks incurred while using a pre-owned computer. From processing capabilities to battery cycle, all of the components of the PC are flawless in every aspect. However, some of the minor risks that you can face are stated below.

·        You’ll never know the reason behind refurbishment

When you purchase a refurbished desktop PC, you can never know the real reason behind the refurbishment of the laptop. It can be battery burnout, display issues, processor issues, or simply that the previous owner wanted to switch his or her laptop. But as a consumer, you can never know the underlying reason, which might sound risky to some individuals.

·        Unknown previous history

If you are someone who isn’t used to using someone else’s things, then buying a refurbished desktop might not be the best option for you. While purchasing a refurbished desktop, keep in mind that you’ll never know the previous history of the device. Different factors can never be identified such as how long the product has been used. Why was it taken back to the company? So, the risk of having an unknown past is always there.

·        Display quality

While the computer’s internal features and characteristics are tested and repaired by IT professionals, minor damage to the product’s exterior may occur. For instance, some dents can be irreparable. Other than that, if a computer comes with a sleek matte finish, the shine and smoothness of the upper edge can be a bit compromised. Additionally, keep in mind that sometimes refurbished computers may have minor visual flaws like dents and/or blemishes. So, if you want to have a 100% scratch-free, dent-free, and smudge-free computer, then a brand new computer might be the more recommended alternative for you.

·        Restricted Availability

Refurbs are high in demand. When a refurb of a top-selling computer is made available in the market, it is quickly sold out.Other than this, there are many computers that might not have any refurbished editions. So, if you are looking for a refurbished desktop, you might have restricted availability of different computers. The best way to avoid this is to go through your computer retailer’s “Refurbished” section and then choose from the available options, rather than selecting a computer first and then looking for its refurbished version on the market.

·        Damage due to mishandling

Last but not least, compared to a new computer that is bought off the shelf, a refurbished computer has probably been delivered to its previous owner, taken back, and then delivered again to you. Although improbable, there is always a little chance that mishandling could harm delicate equipment such as hard drives. So, the risk of bearing damage due to mishandling is greater when you are buying a refurbished desktop.

Considerations in purchasing refurbished desktop computers

The first thing that you should check before purchasing a refurbished computer is the “terms and conditions.” It is important to comprehensively go through the refurbishment guidelines and processes of the respective retailer. When purchasing refurbished items, we advise choosing only items that have been reconditioned by the original manufacturer. If that’s not possible, choosing a product that’s refurbished from a trustworthy manufacturer can also suffice.

Why? Because unreliable companies may not follow the same brand/product and quality management tests as manufacturers do when replacing defective hardware, As a result, the less reliable the manufacturer, the greater the risk of being stuck with defective or cheaply made hardware.

To minimise this risk, reliable third parties such as Laptop Outlet provide their consumers with solid warranties and replacement procedures. In any event, if you are thinking about buying a refurbished computer, make sure the vendor gives some kind of guarantee and learn about their refund policy in case something goes wrong or you aren’t fully satisfied with your purchase.

Interesting fact: You can get an untouched computer for a lower price! 

Most people don’t know this, but in some cases, a refurbished computer might not be used for even a second. Let’s suppose that a consumer purchases a laptop, takes it home, opens the seal, but decides to return it (for whatever reason). Once the seal is broken, it cannot be sold as a “brand new” computer. So, even this untouched computer will be resold for a much lower price, and it will also be considered a “refurb.” So, consider it an insider tip from us. While purchasing refurbished computers, always go for the “A Category” products, as they are the least used. This way, you can enjoy using an untouched computer with considerable price cuts. 

For instance, the Lenovo Thinkstation 30BE006UUK-CG refurb available at laptop Outlet is an “A” category refurb that comes with ultra-fast SSD storage and an Intel Neon processor. This laptop has been used for even less than 6 months and has no such issue that can bother your user experience. So, by buying this refurb instead of a “brand new” computer, you can save hundreds of pounds of your hard-earned money. Some other “A” category refurbs available in the market are listed below. 

  • DELL Inspiron (RFB-T7M5X) 
  • Dell OptiPlex (HR6JT-AG) 
  • Lenovo IdeaCentre (F0EX001GUK-AG) 
  • ACER Aspire (BGWEK.00G-CG) 

Checklist for purchasing a refurbished desktop

To ensure that you get a refurbished desktop that you are completely satisfied. With, have a look at the checklist attached below!

  • Go through the fine print of the refurbished product comprehensively and check if any information regarding its previous use is available. 
  • Read the retailer’s refurbishment process carefully. A detail testing and certification program should be considered the bare minimum. 
  • Compare the warranty of the refurbished product with that of the original product and check if there are any differences. 
  • If you are not please with the purchase, can you exchange it for a full refund? If not, what is the seller’s refund policy? 
  • Verify whether there are any cosmetic flaws or visible damages on the refurbished product and how the refund policy will manage them if you’re not satisfied with the purchase. 

Should I buy a refurbished PC? 

We genuinely think it is a wonderful decision to purchase a refurbished PC. If the cost is reduce enough to cover any potential risks. This can be done by comparing the refurbished computer with the original product and checking if there are any differences in the appearance or internal features of the computer. However, the resulting risk is typically minimal because you are completely cover by the seller’s warranties and comprehensive return policies. 

Final Remarks!

There is no doubt about the fact that a refurbished computer is a much more sustainable, wise, and cost-friendly option available for anyone who wants to replace their PC without going out of their budget range. If the checklist is follow and a trust retailer is selected. A refurbished computer can turn out to be the best choice for businesses that need to update their systems. Other than saving extra money. You can also enjoy different perks with refurbished desktop computers. Such as having an OS version of your choice, customization within the processors, and much more. So, consider this article the last push that you needed before purchasing a refurbished computer, and order your favourite refurbished PC now!

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